I actually got more excited about this week’s theme, after I wrote it. I knew of several places in my area that would have some great and historical architecture, with fantastic sunlight pouring through.

It just so happened that I was able to visit a work friend at the Santa Barbara Courthouse, and the opportunity presented itself for several nice shots.



Apple Music renewal shutdown

This might seem like an odd thing for me to blog about on Independence Day, but I’ve been mulling over it for a few days.

Many Apple fans and iOS users are the sort that just jump in with new stuff. This isn’t for them. This is for folks more like me, who can be hesitant to try out the newfangled ideas. When it came to streaming music, I played with Pandora a few years ago, but it wasn’t feasible on a mobile device because of all the bandwidth. Then I simply made sure I had a 128gb iPhone, and took along my music. But when I upgraded to an iPhone 6+, we couldn’t afford the large storage capacity, so I was stuck with a small 16gb. That forced me to start looking at streaming again. I really found that Rdio was my fave. So I stuck with that for the last year or so. Their free service was good enough for me. I liked how they made my “stations”, and as I fine-tuned each, they were sounding just right.

Then, of course, Apple decided to take their streaming more seriously. So, I considered it. But the 3 month evaluation, with the auto charging of the monthly fee after, was a serious turnoff.

I stumbled upon an article that walked you deep into the menu system of Apple Music, allowing you to turn off the auto renewal. I even shared the article on FB. But, it’s a poorly written article. So, here’s mine with screen shots.


Click on the profile icon in the upper left corner.


Click to View Apple ID. Type in your Apple ID password if requested.


Scroll down and click on Manage.


Choose your Apple Music Membership. (If you have other subscriptions, like my Guns & Ammo magazine subscription, they will be listed here too.)


Click the Automatic Renewal slider.

And now you’re done! In 3 months, your free trial will expire, and Apple Music will simply stop working. No charge. But if during that time you decide you want to keep using it, come back here and choose your renewal options, that are listed just above the Automatic Renewal slider. Take note, once you turn off Automatic Renewal, that slider will disappear.

Our plan is, once we’re off disability, I’m going to sign us up for the Family Plan, which is one of the most affordable family plans, giving us 6 users!

Gay Marriage

Friends and fellow followers of Christ, I feel I must weigh in on the SCOTUS decision regarding gay marriage.

Politically they erred because this truly should have been left to the states. A conservative state should be free to legislate what their citizens decide. The same for a liberal state. The usurping of state’s rights has been the great pitfall of the last century.

One more on the legal side. This application of 50 state precedent is fantastic for concealed carry reciprocity! I can’t wait to hear the hypocrisy when freedom-loving Americans start arguing for their civil right to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights outside the home!

For me, this is not a moral issue. If all you care about is holding up the Bible’s morality applied to unbelievers, you’re a legalistic, moralist, and a Pharisee. That’s not the gospel.

Now my Christian friends may take issue with that. I say, quit applying the law of God to an unsaved nation! Why get your underwear in a bunch over God’s standards applied to people who reject God’s law. They don’t need heterosexual marriage. They need Jesus! They need the gospel preached into their lives. How can we expect righteous behavior from an unsaved people?

S&W M&P Shield 9

Issue de jour…GUNS

As is the case with every mass shooting, our civil right to own firearms and the notion of infringing on those rights is a hot topic right now.

Articles are shared and reshared on social media, as if we’re going to change each other’s worldviews. I do it too. Personally, I just want folks to understand where I stand on the issues, as if that wasn’t clear enough already. :-)

Above all, I want to clarify one single point with the alleged gun control debate. The right to purchase, possess (inside and outside the home), and use firearms is not a privilege. It is a basic human right. The US Constitution recognizes this right, and categorizes it as a civil right. Imagine needing a permit in order to have a cop NOT enter your home without a warrant because he/she wants to see if you’ve got something illegal. The 4th Amendment actually means something, and you have the basic human right, codified as a civil right, to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.

This is the same way all of our civil rights shall be treated. What part of shall not be infringed do so many Americans not understand?

One article I read today attempted to compare the overregulation of florists in Florida to the ease of access to a firearm, by a law abiding citizen. This is a comparison of a right to a choice. It’s a failed comparison!

Then there’s the old argument that the government should respect the rights of hunters as it attempts to infringe on the rights of other law abiding citizens. THE 2ND AMENDMENT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HUNTING OR SPORTING! Read it!

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

As you look at the history of the US, we have survived through several waves of civil rights violations. I trust in our system to repair the damage. Every day I see encouraging news coming from states that are repairing their past infringements.

Clearly I’m passionate about this issue. I’ll leave you with a truth that so many just don’t understand, fueled by their emotions on this issue, instead of sound thinking.

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.


Fujifilm XT-1

Fujifilm XT-1, Canon 70-200mm macro @ 70mm, f/4, 1/7, ISO 200, Aperture and Silver Efex Pro 2

I set out to shoot something entirely different for this challenge. But I couldn’t find it. Then it hit me, the distinctive look of an AR-15 bolt carrier group is really cool and unique. So I busted out my 6.8 SPC II BCG, and proceeded to try a macro shot of it with a couple of different approaches.

First I started with my Canon 70-200mm lens, on a converter for the X-Mount. The minimum distance isn’t nearly as close as I’d prefer. So next I did the flip the lens trick, with my Fujifilm 35mm. That got me real close, but I couldn’t get it sharp enough in focus. Last I tried my macro lens mounted to my iPhone. I just couldn’t get it still enough. So I went with the Canon’s result, which is good, and I like. A little creative crop and some of my fave processing in Silver Efex Pro 2, and presto! I did a color one too, but black and white always gets my personal vote.


Alternate BCG